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Life Safety Plans Review

    Traylor Consulting provides a unique capabiity with having one of the most highly trained Fire Safety Professionals in the country.  Our President and CEO of the company is one of the few Certified Fire Protections Specialists (CFPS#1386) in the country with more then 50 years of Fire Protection and plans review experience.  Combined with our team of dedicated personnel we can review plans to ensure compliance with National and Local Life Safety Codes to ensure  your project meets and or exceeds the requirements and suffers no costly delays from rejected plans. 

These Services include the following: 

  • Pre-design conferences with you and your design team.
  • Construction plans review to ensure complacence with the NFPA codes.
  • Representation during the government agency review and approval process, for both commercial and residential projects, construction phase inspections to ensure complacence.
  • Hydro-Calculations
  • Life safety code 101 reviews and inspections for all classes of occupancies. 
  • Life safety and event planning assistance.
  • Preparing workplace safety plans
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