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Project Phalanx 

            Throughout the history of law enforcement and public safety there has always been a catalyst to drive changes in the methodology of operations. As the threat environment evolved, so did public safety in a reactive manner to the threats the officers and firefighters were facing daily. The addition of ballistic body armor saved lives, improved tactics, training, and technologies reduce risk for most public safety workers. Through the course of our history there has been, and will continue to be an omnipresent need to evaluate and change tactics as new threats and technologies evolve. Because of the new dynamic threat environments, there is a distinct need to adjust tactics and training again with a new concept of operations for active mass casualty events. While many changes are reactive in nature there is sufficient evidence to suggest lives can be saved with alterations to the current operational methodology.

               In several scenarios played out across the country, in Dallas and Orlando where EMS workers rushed in to aid wounded civilians and LEO’s without the proper protection they needed. Willfully and bravely entering the hot zones without the Personal Protective Gear or scene security they needed to provide lifesaving care. For this reason, we developed a new concept of operations called Project Phalanx. 

               While conducting an academic review of the current methodologies of the response to Active Shooter and Mass Casualty Incidents we determined there is a great need for more cohesion between public safety agencies and their methods to respond to these incidents. Through our research we examined the strategic, operational and logistical needs of these operations to provide the safest possible operating environment for our first responders to address these new and growing threats to public safety. Using this concept of operation, public safety can work as one cohesive unit to protect and save lives. 

               These fluid situations and dynamic threats are difficult to control; Utilizing the current or legacy concept of operations, law enforcement alone addresses and neutralize the threats, which in some cases can take an exorbitant amount of time. While the scene is not secure, victims will not be evacuated, losing vital time to render lifesaving care. With the change in operational concept, specially trained teams can enter the hot and warm zones and rescue victims and injured personnel, using methodologies and lessons learned from the Tactical Combat Casualty Care program to save Lives. This arrangement of personnel, working closely together, provides a lifesaving phalanx dedicated to protecting the communities and people we serve. 

The goal of Project Phalanx is to facilitate the planning, training, implementation as well as the evaluation of concept of operations to save lives.  This will be done by assisting in the agencies involved in the strategies and techniques involved.

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