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Our Mission is to provide a unique service to businesses, corporations and communities by combining our 60 years of public safety experience in Fire Protection, Emergency Management and Law Enforcement to enable our clients to meet and exceed all of their life safety, invesitigative and security needs. Our professional services will be with you during pre-planning, trans-event and throughout the post event recovery.




President and Chief Executive Officer



Joseph Traylor has fifty plus years’ experience in Fire Protection, Emergency Management, and Emergency Plans Development. He retired from the United States Air Force as a Chief Master Sergeant having served over 28 years performing duties in every position within the Fire Protection field from Fire Fighter to Chief of Department. During his Military Service Joseph was assigned to bases in Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Arizona, Oregon and California.  He completed two tours in Viet Nam where he earned a Bronze Star. His service to included tours in the Azores, Korea, and Spain. During the first Gulf war Joseph Served as Chair of the Air Force Readiness Committee overseeing research and development of Fire Protection protective equipment and response procedures during Combat Situations to include chemical and biological attacks as well as small arms events. During one assignment Joseph was the Base Exercise and Evaluation Team Chief responsible for development, conducting and providing reports on all agencies responding to local and regional attack response and   natural disasters exercises. During his assignment in Spain he was involved in a major mission change from one weapon system to a newer system involving major construction projects funded by congress worth millions of dollars. He was directly responsible for insuring that proper military, national and international building codes where applied correctly in timely manner so as to not delay the critical mission change. During this same period Joseph taught for seven in a community college program in fire science to include a course on Nation fire Protection Association Code 101, Life Safety Code.


After retirement from the Air Force upon being selected as Fire Chief of the Crestview Fire Department in Crestview, Florida where he continued ensuring new construction and renovations where done in compliance with local, state and federal contrition guidelines. As authority having approval authority he ensure that each set of plans are review to compliance with all NFPA standards as well as ensuring local or state building code compliance is assured. He places  emphasis on  ensuring a total review of the  plans  are accomplished  based on  occupancy  and construction type detection and suppression system ensuring every project plans are review for coverage as well as the design meets the requirements by conducting hydro calculations on every system installed in his jurisdiction. His process of review covers commercial deployment as well as residential plats. His review not only address the issues of the building being reviewed but address the   ability of the    water systems to support the development  in the concept stage, looking at the projects  as part of the bigger picture to ensure water system is adequate to provide for fire suppression,  industrial needs and  occupants needs as well. In 1997 Joseph was selected by his peers to serve on the International Fire Chief Association committee on Terrorism and was selected as a Stake holder by the Department of Justice (DOJ) to assist in developing short and long term goals to response to terrorism. He served until 2008. Joseph is a Certified Fire Protections Specialist (CFPS#1386), He is also Fire Instructor II, a Fire Inspector II, a Fire Officer and a Fire Investigator II. He is a Florida state certified Fire Fighter. 



Michael J. Traylor

Vice President


Michael Traylor has nearly 20 years in Investigations experience, including Law Enforcement and Private investigations. He is a retired Law Enforcement Officer with experience in multiple areas of enforcement, having worked as a Field Training Officer, Investigator and Supervisor.  Mr. Traylor served as an agency instructor, and on the Technology Committee, which was responsible for reviewing and evaluating new technology applications for use within the agency, specifically with mobile applications in patrol vehicles.   Additionally he authored grant proposals, as well as assisted in administering a federal grant program.

Mr. Traylor has extensive investigative training, including electronic surveillance, interviewing techniques and statement analysis.  He has conducted thousands of criminal investigations, and planned large scale operations with sucessful conclusions.  


After retirement from Law Enforcement, he served as a Special Investigations Private Investigator, specializing in Criminal Defense Investigations, Insurance Fraud Investigtions, including arsons, auto theft, slip and falls, workers compensation investigation and tenant inspections.  As well as being the primary federal contracting contact for the company. 

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